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County should build new animal shelter
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Editor, It is with great interest that I watch the construction of the new county courthouse. I must say, this is going to be an impressive addition to the downtown area.
I have heard from the clerk of courts, from many of our honorable judges and from others associated with the criminal justice system, that this was much needed. The matter was put before the voters, via the SPLOST referendum, and was approved by a majority of those whom took the time to participate in the voting process.
Our commissioners wasted no time, once this matter was approved, for construction to begin, nor should they have. If it is needed, get it done. That is resolve. That is purpose.
I ask that our commissioners now show the same resolve, the same purpose, with regard to the construction of the new animal shelter, the funding for which was also included in the same SPLOST referendum, and approved by the voters. The consensus is overwhelmingly in favor of this and I ask that our commissioners be as purposeful with the humane shelter as they are with the courthouse, as the conditions there necessitate expediency. Those that work there — and all of us who love animals — would appreciate the effort by our leaders, now that the money has been approved.

Roger A. Wells
Liberty County
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