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Cross Creek area needs community park
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Editor, I have lived in Cross Creek for the past 13 years. During this time, I have seen no improvements made to this area.
We still have small children living here that have nowhere to go to play and socialize with their friends. Why can’t the old Liberty Elementary playground be renovated and updated into a community park, so children have somewhere to go and play? This could be a great place to socialize and make new friends for parents and children alike.
The older children — or better, teenagers — would not mind if you would consider putting a basketball court there for them. This would keep them busy and out of trouble. This community park could bring all the children from the subdivisions out here together and, in the process, make us all one big, happy community.
If you are concerned about safety, all it really needs is streetlights in the subdivisions and floodlights in the park. The park would be safe because the police station is right next to it and would be a strong deterrent.
Besides, friends walk home together and it is always better to walk home with someone you know.
Please consider my proposal and transform this end of Midway into one big community where everybody knows everybody.

Christiane E. Diggs
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