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Customer service Hardee's style
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Editor, In this day of worrying about the “younger generation,,” I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the three young angels —  and an older one — who rescued me when my car died at Hardee’s at about 9 a.m. June 22.
Leroy and Jamal looked under my hood then pushed my car to the safety of the parking lot. Leroy called his dad, Mr. Syl, a mechanic who came on his own time. He determined that my battery was dead, jumped my car, and assured me that I would make it home without a problem. He refused to accept any payment.
Vaneesha, my server, repacked my dinner from bag to basket, to bag again, provided me with fresh tea and lots of tender loving care.
I am sorry I don’t have their surnames, but I am truly grateful they were on duty. They reflected great honor upon themselves, and Hardee’s for hiring such caring people.

Gail Colbert
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