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Cyclists should follow rules of road
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Editor,  Recently, I called in to Sound off to bring what I thought was a problem out in the open. Last night, the problem almost became too much of a reality to me.
I left my driveway and almost hit a bicyclist who was riding down the highway in the turning lane. I had looked to my right and then at the two lanes to my left but did not see him until I had started my left-hand entry onto the highway.
I blew my horn to alert him and received a “flip-off” for my effort. The bicyclist was a teenager or I may have settled this issue on my own — then and there.
Upon reflection though, this is not an issue I should have to settle. We have laws on the books to prevent this usage. I am not talking about someone “crossing” the highway. I am referring to the blatant misuse of this middle lane by, not only bicyclists, but also pedestrians.
I now ask our local law enforcement agencies to get involved. This is a regular occurrence on Highway 196 west, and I have seen it on Gen. Screven Road and Highway 84.
Please enforce our existing laws to prevent what is inevitably going to occur — someone being run over in one of these lanes. As exhibited by the young man last night, the prevailing thought must be they have a right to use this lane — or more likely, “tuff, if you don’t like it.”
I just know I do not want to live with someone’s death as a result of my having run over them — and further, will not consider myself legally liable for their stupidity.

Roger A. Wells


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