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Dear Dog Hunter, you are an enigma
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Editor, To the hunter(s) recently in the vicinity of the hunt club near Barrington Ferry Road, , I would like to update you concerning the four dogs (at least four) that you deserted in this area.
As of this past Friday, one hound and mixed breed have not been seen for a while but the beagle has been taken in by a nearby family Another hound, a black, white and tan male has been seen and, though some yards away, displayed a considerable emaciation. This means it was very easy to count almost every rib.
With the recent rain and extreme cold, perhaps your goal of slow death has been accomplished, but life is persistent, so ft could be weeks before he is no longer any possible problem to you (I assume that since they did not hunt as you expected, you removed any identifying tags and collars so they could not be returned to ydu for proper care.)
When we first moved to the area four years ars ago, I had some respect for the hunters and dogs and lost dog pens that I saw, but time and experiences such as this, has altered that respect.
It seems that the hunters of today are more like large boys with too many toys and a very strong belief that everything is disposable and any other life form but your own is unimportant.
As for myself I admit to many flaws of character failings, but I do not believe that I have ever intentionally and deliberately set out to insure the suffering of any dependent animal, particularly one long described as man’s best friend. You are an enigma to me.

Anne Boroughs
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