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Deputies defused dangerous situation
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Editor, On Nov. 8 at 9 p.m., three youths decided to go and kill a deer by flashlight. They were busted by the game warden and that’s when it hit the fan. The 16-year-old male driver decided to put Long County highways and roadways into danger.
A high-speed chase ensued through spiked tires and chaotic behavior that spread into downtown Ludowici, injuring one of our deputies and placing both of our deputies in grave danger. Yes, grave danger and damaging both deputies’ vehicles and the game warden’s truck was also involved.
Even as they had him blocked in, the driver still tried to keep going, now placing a Ludowici Police Department officer in danger. The young teen was detained and the other two passengers were secured.
I hope to never witness such a sight again.
To Deputy Shane Middleton and Deputy Jimmy Middleton, also Ludowici Police Officer Perez and the unknown game warden: Thank you!
You did it right by bringing this chaotic, reckless, life-threatening situation to an end. Injury was caused to Shane Middleton, whose only intentions were to just make driver stop.
My total respect and gratitude to our Long County deputies, Ludowici Police Department and all other law enforcement involved.
To protect and serve, Deputy Shane Middleton and Deputy Jimmy Middleton you both have truly fulfilled your duties to the highest stature.
With the highest respect, thank you for keeping us safe at night.

Cathy Hicks,
Long County citizen
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