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Detained by Liberty County 'dump' patrol
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Editor, I took my small trailer loaded with old insulation and air conditioner ducts to the Liberty County dump site in Midway at Isle of Wight Road and Highway 84. I backed up and started to unload, when up pulled one of the old county cars. It was “The Liberty County Dump Patrol.”
It reminded me of a scene from Mayberry RFD where Barney was exercising his one-bullet ego.
A fellow beside me had dumped something in he had not meant to and was retrieving it. When, (for lack of a better name I will call him “Barney”) the dump patrol guy started giving him a hard time and demanding to see his driver’s license.
Then Barney turned to me and, seeing my paper tag from a dealer in Florida where I bought the vehicle, said, “You can’t dump here. You’re from Florida!”
I explained the obvious and he demanded to see my license. I produced it, but since that did not work out for Barney, he turned his attention to the magnetic real estate sign on the back of my vehicle and proclaimed, “You’re a business. You can’t dump here.”
Once again, I explain the obvious -- I am an agent. I don’t own the company. But Barney was off and running on this one. This time, Barney demanded I give him my license, which he had already seen. By then, I had had enough of this ignorance.
I told Barney that would be a “noper,” so he ran over to the county car, jumped in and pulled it right up on my vehicle to block me in. Barney jumped out with his camera in one hand and cell phone in the other and proceeded to put on a show, sure enough. I finished unloading and asked Barney to move the “dump mobile,” but he refused.
I was detained against my will for another 15 minutes.
Finally a very professional and knowledgeable Liberty County deputy arrived and within five minutes, the problem was solved and I was on my way.
My question is this: Is this in keeping with Liberty County standards?
We have a very professional Sheriff’s department, from my experience. We also have a very professional and knowledgeable inspections department. But when it comes to the dump patrol, it is like a bad version of “Barney the one-bullet ego.” If someone is given a ticket book with the power to harass the public, shouldn’t he have a little knowledge to go along with it?
This is not the first time I have been harassed by Barney. Twice before I had to show him how to read the Liberty County tag sticker on the corner of the license plates so he could tell whether a vehicle was registered in Liberty County.
Guys, get Barney some education on how to do his job!

Michael Gatch

P.S. The guy beside me escaped while Barney was concerning himself with me. Good for him.
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