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Dog's previous owner should be ashamed
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Editor, This is to the family who decided they did not want their pet anymore:
I hope you sleep well at night knowing you — willingly — nearly cost the death of a precious little dog. I am also sure your children must have admired you as their role model when they watched you tie the little dog to a sign at Sonic two weeks ago and when they said good-bye to their dog when you drove away. What a role model!
We saved Belle from euthanasia the day she was supposed to die. Why should this dog suffer for your ignorance? I wish your neighbors would report you if they recognize you from this story or that someone would have written down your license plate number. Shame on you! You left the little dog tied up to die. How can you live with yourself? Do you not have a conscious?
Belle is one of the nicest dogs we have ever encountered. She is a little timid (wonder why) but so very friendly. All she wants is to be is loved. She has now been diagnosed with advanced heartworm for which she will start treatment tomorrow. Total strangers will chip in with us to make sure she gets everything she needs. Sooner or later, we will find her a permanent home with good people who will not just throw her away when they no longer want her. I am sure you made some money of the puppies she had recently. Who knows, maybe you threw the “leftover” puppies away too. Maybe one of her pups was the one we rescued three weeks ago on Highway 84.
Having a pet is a privilege and not a right. At least our 3-year-old knows right from wrong. She also knows people like you are evil while your children probably think behavior like that is normal. Shame on you!

Kathrin Egner
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