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Don't reward those here illegally
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Editor, Mr. Hernandez recently wrote in your paper:” makes sense to allow Newark residents, regardless of immigration status, to attend public schools, get immunization shots or have their garbage picked up without anyone asking for papers.
“And as to cops turning into ICE agents—-well, police in Newark find it hard enough to keep up with violent criminals and do not have time to go out and round up gardeners, maids and dishwashers.”
First, why should the LEGAL residents on Newark pick up the tab for people who are in violation of our laws simply by being in the United States illegally? That idea can be compared to the person who without your approval, takes up residence in your home, and then demands that you provide his/her education, health care, and every other basic necessity, and has the mayor (and/or other public official) insist that you do so.
Second, if the police were allowed by their mayor to report the immigration status of every person they pick up, that alone would reduce their caseload.
Third, no one has suggested that the police go out and pick up every gardener, maid and dishwasher. That is a red herring being tossed out by the “Open Border” crowd.

Jerry L. Williams
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