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Drainage work being ignored
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Editor, We voted yes on a special option sales tax to fund certain projects, and at the bottom of the list is funding drainage improvements and liquidating some other debt.
My question is what is happening to the fee that (city of Hinesville officials) said was to handle storm water and drainage? I have been fighting City Hall for a decade about the drainage ditch on Maple Drive North.
Nothing’s been done except spending taxpayers money on two surveys of the area. They can cut and maintain other ditches, but can’t come a block with the machine and cut on Maple Drive, again wasting tax money on gas to be cost effective.
Our leaders are trying to bring business to our area. They need to get on a bus and ride through the city and surrounding area to see why people might be reluctant to relocate here. We have empty buildings, rundown houses and businesses that can’t be seen because of overgrown weeds. I have been here 26 years looking at some pretty awful sites. There are more little shopping plazas going up, the newest one across from the Chevron station on Highway 84. If they will look next to the Dollar Store down 84, two buildings are empty and have been for a decade.
It is upsetting to me to see OMI maintain the so-called historic trail with sprinklers, lights, paved sidewalks. There is a saying, “Woe unto leaders who build a city on inequity.” This is so true throughout our country.
The ditch on Maple Drive is not mine. There are about 30 houses on each side. Unfortunately. I am the one that is fighting City Hall and (Liberty) County.
During the latest rain and storms, two trees fell in the ditch, one behind my property and another about 100 yards downstream.
I was told that the drainage ditch behind the owners’ property on Maple is the city’s No. 1 project, which to me is hogwash. One list that it is at the top of — a list that is out of view — is that of top billing.
It is now December. Taxpayers, do you know how your tax money is being wasted? If you don’t believe what you have read, stop by any time. You have my permission to see why I am so disgusted.

Joe L. Scott, 1st Sgt. (ret.)
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