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End gay discrimination
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Editor, It is time for a change and time to end discrimination. For years now, we have been working on issues of workplace discrimination dealing with race, gender and physical ability.
Now the time has come to deal with the issue of LGBT discrimination in the workplace. You may not be aware, but in 29 states in the United States it is legal to fire otherwise qualified employees because they are lesbian, gay or bisexual. The number of states where it is legal to fire someone for being transgender is 38.
That is outrageous! This country was founded on the principle of equal opportunity. Our government must continue to uphold this value for all Americans, whether they are black, Christian, disabled or gay. If you believe all people are created equal and the only measure for employment should be how qualified a person is then please contact Rep. Jack Kingston and tell him to support H.R. 3017, which would make it illegal to fire or refuse to promote employees based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Equality is for all people and employment should be’ too.
Let’s work together and make the world a better place.

Joey Heath
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