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Fence proponents share insight
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Editor,  Children and teachers will not be denied access to the schools by the fence going up on both Bradwell Street Extension and Kings Road. They are both dead-end streets and were never designed for through traffic.
Both are marked “Dead End” and “No Parking” but cars are left there daily blocking the homeowners’ driveways.
The bridges that were erected years ago across the drainage ditches were not placed there by the city of Hinesville, and have not been maintained over the years.
There is a canal that is filled with water and presents a danger to both children and adults crossing them going to school.
There are no sidewalks or curbs on these streets, and this poses additional danger for pedestrians.
Often police are called to monitor speeding vehicles in an attempt to keep children in the streets from being hit. This does not provide a safe environment for children walking to school.
The families who are most impacted by traffic backing up in their driveways and yards during the mornings and afternoon school hours have voiced their opinions very strongly.
There is graffiti on mailboxes, signs and bridges. Personal property has been stolen and residences have been broken into. Brick mailboxes have been completely leveled by speeding cars. Unsupervised students fight and yell obscenities in the middle of the street.
The few school age children in the neighborhood have another access to school within walking distance that is not on a dead end street, has curbs and a nicely paved street.
There are bus stops for neighborhood children on every corner provided by the Liberty County School System.
We, as residents of our neighborhood, are taking necessary action to deter vandalism, break-ins and theft of our personal property and provide safe entrances to schools.
If other neighborhoods take the same action as we have, there would probably be less crime. It is not solely up to the police, but it is also our responsibility as residents to protect our property and school children.
As a final note, the fence is being financed by the affected residents, not the city of Hinesville. The residents also paid for the bricked entranceway to the Hidden Pines subdivision after a previous one was knocked down by speeding cars and vandalism.

H.G. Stripling, J.D. Cheney, G. Maher, M. Smiley and D. How
Hidden Pines subdivision
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