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Forestry ranger extends appreciation
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Editor, As the Georgia Forestry Commission chief ranger of the Liberty/Long/South Bryan units, I cannot say thank you enough to all those who helped during the recent drought and severe wildfire season. I could not list everyone who helped or it would take up the entire paper, so I will speak in general terms.
All the fire departments were a tremendous asset to GFC and the local citizens. Many firefighters, mostly volunteers, worked long hours to help mop up wildfires to ensure the fires did not escape. Many citizens took time from their families and paying jobs to pass out refreshments and prepare food for all firefighters.
Sheriff and police departments, already extremely busy, worked long hours to control traffic and enforce the burn ban that was in place at the time. All area media outlets were a great asset by keeping the public informed of the drought conditions and burning restrictions.
Many times people stopped at fire scenes to see if there was anything they could do to help. Residents would bring out food and drinks when a fire was in their area.
It is a true blessing to work in an area where people are still concerned for others and so many people are willing to go the extra mile over and over again.

Jeff Stone
Chief ranger
Liberty/Long/South Bryan
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