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Foster parents, supporters commended
Gerald Smith, training facilitator for the Medical Simulation Training Center, and Randolph Wilson, MSTC site manager. - photo by photo submitted
Editor, Liberty County foster parents take great pride in caring for the children the state of Georgia has entrusted to their families.
Sometimes the placement of a child/children maybe short term, but some placements may become long term. Whichever the case, foster parents are there to help provide for and take care of Liberty County’s most vulnerable children when called upon to do so.
Foster parents would not be able to do what is necessary to ensure the proper care and safety of our children if it was not for the support we receive from this community.
 Foster parents must adhere to the policy and procedure guidelines set forth by the Department of Family and Children Services. Their homes are re-evaluated every year and they must receive training.
Recently, Liberty County’s foster parents were in CPR training. The instructors for the training were provided by the Medical Simulation Training Center on Fort Stewart and Liberty County Health Department.
Ralph Wilson is the site manager for MSTC and made arrangement for the materials that were needed for a successful training outcome. Gerald Smith and Chris Moton, both training facilitators for MSTC, volunteered their time to provide the class for foster parents. Linda Fagan, a nurse practitioner at the health department, volunteered to help the parents maintain their CPR certification.
The foster parents depend on the community for their support. Therefore, we must also express our sincere gratitude to those who help us when we call on them. We give thanks to Cornelius McRae, the DFACS staff and board members.
Our deepest appreciation goes to Pastor M.L. Jackson and Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church. For the past few years, Deacon Mitchell and the transportation department has made sure the children had a summer vacation by providing transportation for them to such places as Carowinds in NC, Six Flags in Atlanta and, this year, Wild Adventure in Valdosta.
We’ve also received special donations from the Heritage Bank. Some of the local churches, such as Live Oak Church, Full Gospel Tabernacle and St. Phillip’s Episcopal Church, have given donations to show their support as well.
We did not want to forget to say thank you to those who give so much of themselves and their time to help others. To our community we say God bless you!

Rena Duvall
Foster Parent Association
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