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Geek the libraries, please
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Editor, I geek schooners. I geek beekeeping. I geek worms. You may have seen those great posters and billboards, and, like me, wondered what they’re about.
Geek, used as a verb, means to be passionate about, or obsessed with a subject.
Without libraries, geeking is not just expensive, but impossible. The Internet is not the answer: Books still in copyright, including current non-fiction and bestselling novels, can only be borrowed from our community libraries.  As an author who lives in South Georgia, I am delighted that my own book is available at our local libraries, so that every kid has a chance to read it today.
Geeks need libraries, and America needs geeks: Think of Bill Gates or Thomas Edison, just two of many examples.
But America’s libraries are in trouble. Nationwide, we’re seeing slashed hours and services, even closed libraries. Did you know that the operating revenue per head for libraries in America is just $35? And to our shame, it is only $20 in Georgia?
$16 comes from local sources (that’s us.)
$3 from state sources
$0.08 from federal sources
$1 from donations and fees.
We need to ensure that, in Hinesville and throughout Georgia, our local governments do not cut library budgets. Even during the boom years, the budgets were lean: This is a question of priorities, not resources. The Geek the Library Campaign is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Now let’s do our part to show support for our library. Please visit  

Annette Laing
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