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God answers prayers
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Editor, Yah Gives a Second Chance Ministries near Glennville was formed to help mothers and people who are on drugs have a second chance at life.
Through the ministry of the Heart of Christ, we have been doing this type of ministry for years. But, because of limited space and resources, we were unable to meet the growing needs of our community.
God answered our prayers and we were given a triple-wide mobile home and two acres of land on Old Kennedy Road off Highway 196 to house this ministry.
The trailer was in need of repairs and other cosmetic upgrades. In the beginning, we didn’t have the finances to have all of this done. We are happy to announce the building to house this ministry is near completion.
Soon, those mothers and children who are temporarily displaced and those people being delivered from drugs will have a safe place to come for restoration and deliverance through the love of God.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank a very special businessman in our community for being instrumental in making this important ministry a reality.
Gill Sikes heard about YGASCM during a dark point in his life — the loss of a loved one. He came and looked at what was needed and began immediately to not only provide his knowledge and expertise, but also the finances to renovate the trailer for the ministry. He showed us what needed to be done and, if he couldn’t do the work himself, he said he would pay to have it done. And he did just that.
Thank you, Mr. Sikes, for being there with us in the beginning, being one of the first of many to answer the call of the needs for this ministry, and for your continuing support today.
You and your entire family are always in our prayers. May God richly bless you as you have blessed this ministry.

Pastor Gloria Christ
Yah Gives A Second Chance Miistry
Heart of Christ
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