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Grand jury members should be celebrated
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Editor, As I begin, I’d like to say I’m not one who usually writes letters to the editor. But, after reading the Sept. 14th and 16th editions of the Coastal Courier, I was compelled to express my opinion.
It is in “my opinion” the members of the grand jury be recognized and brought before this community with a celebration in their honor for finally having the ability, knowledge, care, concern and most of all the “backbone” to stand up for all of us within “our community.”
I have the privilege in knowing three of the 20 who served on this grand jury. I would like to know each and everyone, for every time I’d see or pass you in the doctor’s office, a city or county building or on the streets, I would applaud you for a job well done.
You, the people sitting on this grand jury, have set a precedent for the survival of our community. I can only hope future committees of the grand jury will take the same pride and approach you have set. You have stood firm on your and the beliefs of the community. Be proud of the stand you’ve taken.
Thank you to each one of you who served.

Pennie S. Peyton
Concerned for the next generation of taxpayers
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