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Help clean up neighborhood, fight crime
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Editor, The next meeting of the Irene Miller Park Hinesville neighborhood/crime watch is at 11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 18.
Recently, I talked to Maureen Mobley of the Hinesville Code Department who, throughout the years, has done much to fight blight throughout our neighborhood. She plans to be there. I left a message with officer Williams of the Hinesville Police Department crime watch. A message also was left with Hinesville City Councilman David Anderson asking him to attend, and an invitation was sent, via this letter, to Mayor Jim Thomas to attend.
With the recent shooting on Elaine Street, I highly recommend homeowners attend this meeting to discuss issues related to the incident and the city council’s recent attack on city blight by more strict enforcement of the city codes.
David, Jim and city code officials are the infantry, and I consider you to be  fire support. Give them the fire support they need! Blight, pollution and crime go together.

— Joseph B. Stuart
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