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Help others with what you don't want
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Editor, I want to thank all of the Clydes workers, who I call angels, and all the others who gave from their hearts to help with my Christmas for God’s children. And a special thanks to my church family for letting me use our Sunday school building to set up and gift wrap, and all their wonderful help.
May God bless all of you every day.
Even though Christmas is over, my reach isn’t. I have so many families in need for food, clothes, household goods, furniture, appliances, even ones that don’t work.
In 2009, God blessed me with a man who picks up, delivers, works on broken appliances and gets them working. And he does all this for free. The only problem I have is sometimes furniture and other things come and I have no place to store it. And he might not be able to deliver it right then due to his old truck acting up. So I have prayed on those two things.
Also, please don’t throw anything out. Call me because someone needs it all. Why fill the landfill more when you could fill the home of a family.
May God bless you all through the wonderful 2010.

Irene Myers

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