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Historical society looking for private cemeteries
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Editor, The Liberty County Historical Society needs the citizens’ help in locating and documenting all the private cemeteries in Liberty County.
There may be family members buried in the corner of a field or some other place on the private property. All of these need to be documented before time erases them.  Please get in touch with any of us and give us this information.
Also, I need your help in locating a specific grave of a Civil War veteran whose name was  Louis Kelsey. He was black, born in England, later became an orphan and was adopted by a couple in Pennsylvania. In 1880, he was 35 years of age, a laborer, and lived in District 15 of Liberty County.  He married a woman named Mary and had two children, one named Mary and the other with a very unusual name.
Louis served with  the 54th Massachusetts Infantry and fought for the Union at the Battle of Honey Hill in 1864. He spent time in a hospital in Beaufort, S.C., and wrote letters to his Sunday school teacher up north from there.
Six years ago, a family in Pittsfield, Mich., discovered some Civil War era letters inside the wall of their home while doing renovations. Some of the letters were from Louis Kelsey.  For some reason the letters ended up inside the wall. (No, I have not had the privilege, yet, of reading these letters).
Louis Kelsey died between 1863 and 1885. His wife applied for a widow’s pension in 1885. It is believed he is buried in Liberty County in the Riceboro area.  
A cemetery by the name of Pando or something close to that has been mentioned.  Someone from a veterans’ group in Michigan called me and asked for help in finding this grave if possible. They would like to place a marker on it.
If anyone can help with this information, please contact me. And, again, I plead with you to record your history before it is too late. Thank you.

Margie D. Love
Liberty County Historical Society
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