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Hold county commission accountable
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Editor, The Liberty County Commission has lost control. It is past the time for them to do their job. They have allowed the boards of the Liberty County Hospital Authority and the Liberty County Development Authority to run amok!
These appointed boards are functioning with no guidance from the commission.  Need proof?
1. The hospital board has “someone” holding it captive. It is not paying its way. We, the taxpayers, cannot have our own local doctor by our side, looking after us, in this hospital. Dr. Glenn Carter — our family physician for over 23 years — has been blackballed by an individual on the hospital board and not one commissioner has spoken out publicly about this injustice.
This action alone is costing the hospital and the county. I personally have had to have hospital care several times since this fiasco began. I’ve used St. Joseph’s Hospital in Savannah. Many other Liberty County citizens have not and will not use the LCRH since Dr. Carter “is barred.”
2. The development authority erected buildings across the historic Bartram Trail. Not one commissioner said a word publicly about that travesty either.
The LCDA then built a Taj Mahal for themselves on Highway 84 in Hinesville. It is marked as a tourist information center. Do you think the traffic on I-95 at Exit 76 has flooded the Hinesville location with tourists? Meanwhile, the land (about seven acres) right next to the Exit 76 off-ramp originally planned for a welcome center sits idle.
What will that land be used for? It will probably be sold to a developer and turned into condos (if they can cut all the trees down).  We need not worry about getting tourism dollars in Liberty County as long as the tourist information center is in Hinesville.
In conclusion, the LCHA and the LCDA are both run by appointed board members. We, the citizens footing the bills, have little or no control over these maverick boards. We do, however, have the opportunity to vote for members of the county commission who do have the power over both of these entities.
It is time for us, the voters, to begin holding the current panel of commissioners accountable for the actions of the boards they appoint. If they cannot step up to the plate, we must replace them with people who are interested in working for the welfare and history of Liberty County.

Lewis Ewbank
Liberty County
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