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In Liberty, it's 1 step forward; 2 steps back
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Editor, I am not surprised the Hinesville City Council is split on red-light cameras. It seems that in Liberty County it’s easier to take two steps back instead of one step forward.
Safety is always put on the back burner. There are several concerns in Liberty County that always get put aside. The biggest one is the Deal Street light. The accidents that occur there are needless. They tie up traffic, not just on 196, but on South Main, Frank Cochran, Gen. Screven and Highway 84. Has anyone taken into account the manhours and resources consumed by this dangerous intersection?
For years, we have been told the Frank Cochran extension would take the strain off of Deal Street. Ah! The Frank Cochran Extension. It sure would be nice to have the 3rd ID to return home and see this completed as they were promised on their first rotation. 
Whatever happened to the resurfacing of Gen. Screven? They put the construction signs up almost a year ago. They took the signal lights off the sensors, (another traffic headache) and yet no progress. When it comes to road construction and road improvements in this county, the city council offers nothing but words. It’s time to see some action, and give the people and the wonderful soldiers a better place to live and drive.
And yes, the speed limit needs to be lowered on Highway 84. It should be 35 mph from the light at Dairy Queen to Frank Long Elementary School. The biggest reason for accidents in this city is the speed of traffic.

Paul Dumond

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