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It's 'merry Christmas' for writer
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Editor, Greetings, and peace to all of you. As a Christian, I come to you in love and compassion and hope that you receive this message with the intent in which it is said.
What I have to say is, merry Christmas, because it is worth saying. Not happy holiday, but merry Christmas. This is a time when Christians celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
I want to say that to you, and if you are of a Christian background, I want you to say that to me as well. If you are of another faith, respond accordingly. If you are of no faith, respond to that accordingly. I shall respect that, each according to his/her own.
Understand this, though, and I ask that you respect this as well: As Christians, this is a time of celebration for us, that we may stop and reflect on the good news of Jesus Christ. This is a time of the hope for us, the hope that is given to man of our chance for eternal life through the sacrifice of Jesus, on the cross, our hope for an eternal relationship with God the Father, through whom all things are given.
To subjugate this wonderful event, to a politically correct observation of anything other than that, is intolerant, on your part, of our belief. Yet, you ask that we be tolerant of and respect your religion and your beliefs. In this shall I strive.
Our celebration predates you and has been recognized throughout the history of not only this nation, but many generations before us. It is, what we Christians consider, one of our holiest of days.
So again, I say to you, merry Christmas. Let these words ring throughout the land. Greet your neighbors, greet you friends, greet strangers, and to you business owners out there, greet your patrons accordingly. May peace be unto you and your house.

Roger A. Wells
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