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It's not about public service anymore
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Dear Editor, Over the past few years the citizens of our country, state, county and city have felt the impacts of the economic downturn that continues to show little signs of recovery.
Health-care costs continue to spin out of control, home foreclosure listings fill our papers, employees are being furloughed and are facing layoffs, the price of gas is again on the rise and even the prices of basic groceries are increasing. We are all in this fight together as we struggle to make ends meet and give thanks for what we have.
However, our city officials have determined that in the midst of all that we are facing, now is the time to look ahead and budget for themselves one of the largest salary increases in the history of this city. This salary increase is nothing more than the gross abuse of power to line the pockets of city elected officials.
What ever happened to the true meaning behind “public service?” Individuals used to run for public office because of their desire to serve and give back to the community in which they live. With this increase, the motive to run for office will now be more financially motivated than ever before.
It was noted in the Courier article that the move was made to be more in line with other cities of our size. Just for your information, the council members of the city of Savannah make $15,000 per year. Our council members will now leap-frog that when they begin to earn $20,000 per year. The mayor for the city of Savannah makes $42,000 per year. I guess our mayor now runs a close second to that. Please tell me how our elected officials can propose and vote for such an increase while the very constituents they represent are struggling just to maintain.
This gross increase represents total disregard for the economic position that the rest of us are in. My only summation is that our city officials are completely out of touch and care more about the financial income of their positions than the true cause of public service.
I, for one, am completely disappointed and angry with the entire board and hope that all of us stand together and flex our power when we go to the polls and cast our votes. Together, we can make a change.
— Jena Alford
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