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Just say no to rural polycart service
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Editor, On Sunday, July 18, the Courier published an article concerning the use of polycarts. It stated that the county is weighing polycart service options and the costs involved.  
I don’t know about you, but every spring and throughout the summer, I make at least two and sometimes three trips to our dump on Limerick Road.  In the spring, I pull weeds every day until all my beds are pristine again. Then after azaleas finish blooming, I usually have a truckload of cuttings to haul. After my plum trees quit producing fruit and my red buds have branched out, they get cut and I have another truckload.  When my four mulberry trees finish blooming, they have to be cut back. There’s another truckload.  
All during the summer, I keep “runners” on my five wisteria bushes, and I keep my trumpet creeper cut back to keep them in bush form. So there are more truckloads. To keep a yard in manicured shape, you must constantly keep things pruned and pull the weeds out from around your plants. And I am just talking about my yard.  
How about my household waste? One bag of garbage a week is about normal for me.  But I also recycle tin cans, newspapers, magazines, milk jugs, clear plastics, solid plastics and glass containers. I haul recyclables to the drop-off about twice weekly.  
So you see folks, using a polycart would be like putting an elephant into a thimble — at least where my situation is concerned. I’m sure I am not alone.  
Another thing that concerns me is that our tax dollars were used to build those six convenience centers that allow us to dispose of things when and how we please — not how the county dictates us.
What would happen to all those roll-offs that we put our yard waste in? What about the big trucks that haul them? Will people lose their jobs because they will no longer be needed at these convenience centers?  I hesitate to even think about what the sixth convenience center cost the taxpayers.  
Drive out to the Trade Hill area and have a look at it. Then drive back and look at the one you use. No comparison.
I, for one, do not ever want to see a polycart at the end of my driveway. By the way, Wayne County went with polycarts years ago, but at no cost to the residents of the county. That is a fact.  Be very careful about allowing this in our county unless they are willing to give it to us for free.

— Dot Moss
Lake George
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