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Keep furry friends safe on Halloweed
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Editor, As a long-time shelter volunteer, I know Halloween can be a frightful time for our furry friends. Please allow me to share these Halloween safety tips for cats and dogs:
• Make sure your cat or dog doesn’t become the victim of a cruel trick by keeping them safely indoors. Wandering cats are especially vulnerable in the weeks leading up to Halloween when pranksters are on the prowl.
• When trick-or-treat time comes, keep Rover and Whiskers safe and calm in a bedroom or secluded area of the house. Frightened by the constant stream of costumed visitors, some animals have slipped out of the door or even tried to bite trick-or-treaters, mistaking them for intruders.
• It may seem cute and funny to put your dog or kitty in a costume, but these outfits often pose choking and asphyxiation risks.
Furthermore, animals are often frightened when forced to wear costumes, especially those with bells or other noise makers. Best to leave the costuming and trick-or-treating to the  kids; the furry ones should be safe at home.
• Keep candy out of Kitty and Doggy’s reach. Make sure kids know that sweet treats aren’t good for animals to eat, and chocolate can be deadly.
• With a little planning, Halloween can be safe and fun for every member of the family.

I. Marjorie Sisson
Saint James City, Fla.
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