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Kingston failing environment
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Editor, Well, the environmental report card is out and again Congressman Jack Kingston had a perfect score — zero percent. The League of Conservation Voters, a non-partisan environmental group, gives politicians a score annually, based on their voting record. The Congressman’s abysmal record in protecting the environment hurts everyone, resulting in high gasoline prices to polluted waters affecting our shrimpers to a lack of protection for our barrier islands.
Kingston voted against renewable energy tax credits, expanding public transportation and protecting our national public lands. At the same time, he championed offshore drilling despite the Department of Energy's report stating that any potential discoveries will not bring price relief now or be available for seven to 10 years.
Isn’t it time that we had a representative who cared more about protecting our precious environmental resources than helping his corporate buddies? Jack Kingston has publically questioned human-caused climate change — is he really the person to be representing us during this critical period? Sixteen years is enough! My vote is for change, for a candidate who actually gets it: Bill Gillespie. I invite you to join me.

Peter W. Krull
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