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Kingston has no new ideas
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Editor, My good friend always says, “Voters get what they deserve.”
I couldn’t disagree more. We don’t deserve Jack Kingston. Jack is the luckiest congressman in Georgia, if not America. His electorate usually never links his rhetoric with his voting record, and therefore Jack’s words and votes don’t match.
This is disingenuous politics at its worst, and shame on the uninformed voters who let this happen. With voting records, rankings and rating readably accessible online, there is no excuse.
However, the 1st Congressional District is one of the least Internet “connected” areas of America and has a 40 percent high school dropout rate. Jack takes advantage of these maladies and votes consistently out-of-sync with the districts economic and social needs. He is never held accountable.
Bottom line: The district is not set up for the 21st century and the global economy. To this Jack has added, nor created nothing. Worse, with the Obama administration in power, Jack is now a dinosaur and a liability.
With a low district annual income rate, high unemployment, and most individuals without healthcare and opportunity, Jack does not understand the plight of the middle-class and working America. He just recently voted against expanding healthcare to children again. He voted no to equal employment pay and rights for women, and is a vocal opponent of the Employee Free Choice Act. Additionally, he just voted no on the economic stimulus package.
Kingston has failed the middle-class and by doing so negated the needs of 90 percent of his voters. Jack represents the rich and powerful only, which helps to perpetuate our plantation and paternal society.
If people voted their economic interests over ideology and wedge issues, he would be long gone. The district and Georgia deserve better.

Bill Gillespie
Tybee Island

Editor’s note: Gillespie unsuccessfully ran as a Democrat to try to unseat Kingston in last year’s election.
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