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LeConte could use extra helping hands
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Editor, Hello, local friends and supporters. Many of you have expressed an interest in volunteering some of your time and talents at LeConte-Woodmanston. There is so much to do and the regular volunteers are overwhelmed. We are struggling to get all our construction mess out of the way before summer and, of course, the maintenance continues through the hot months.
We have plenty of outdoor tasks and also some indoor work, such as filing, research, electronic file management, grant writing, etc. If you can help with any of this, let us know.
We recently engaged in a camellia rescue operation in Savannah, relocating 30 camellias in the way of the Truman Parkway project from a very old estate. This was a huge undertaking, which is still taxing our time as we settle them in at Woodmanston. This was also a costly effort, as is our entire garden expansion project. So if you cannot help out physically, please help financially if possible.
God bless!

—Mary Beth Evans
Executive Vice President,
LeConte-Woodmanston Foundation, Midway
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