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Liberty County sports nets milestone
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Editor, I’m not sure that everyone in Liberty County is aware of a little milestone we reached as a county this spring — a small pebble in the history of firsts for this county but an important one for the most precious assets we have as a county; that of our children.  
The Liberty County Recreation Department created a second season of soccer or “spring” soccer as it was commonly called.  
The sport of soccer is growing tremendously in popularity alongside baseball, football and basketball. We have long had rivalries with other counties in soccer, especially Wayne County, and I am glad we will be able to further hone the soccer skills of our children through additional playing time on the field as opposed to only one soccer season in the fall.  
It is through this program many of our young men and women who play soccer for both high schools, Liberty and Bradwell, learn some of the basics of the sport and the meaning of teamwork.
Keeping kids involved in sports also helps in developing their minds and bodies for school.  
On behalf of the kids and parents for all age brackets that participated, we wish to thank Jimmy Martin, Shawn Shumacher and the rest of the staff at the LCRD who helped get this new program off the ground.  
I also would like to thank the LCRD board of directors as they also had to approve this new program. I know I and the other coaches were very proud to help get this new program in motion and are glad to help Liberty County through another small but great milestone in terms of sports firsts.
I would also like to thank Michael Evans and his assistant, Brian, who refereed for the midget league this season. In the many years that I have coached, I have never seen the professionalism and attention to the game as I saw this past season with Mike and Brian. They have set a standard we, as coaches, will expect from others to follow.  There wasn’t a single game that a major dispute resulted.  
There were four teams for the midget league: United, Galaxy, Cosmos and Revolution. They were evenly matched as many of the games resulted in 1 to 1 scores and the kids from all teams had great fun.  
Again, thanks Jimmy for your hard work and support, the kids of Liberty County benefit greatly from your dedication.    
Go Liberty County!  

Chris Jimenez.
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