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Liberty's officials' decisions inconsistent
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Editor, This letter is in response to the two articles in the Coastal Courier (Sunday, July 15) concerning the approval of the cell tower site by the LCPC and the Liberty County commissioners on Barry Wilkes’ property.
The 12.4.5 ordinance that Sonny Timmerman said, “fell through the cracks” sure was not overlooked when the LCPC disapproved Jim Gilly’s (Gilly Development) request to erect a similar tower on John Woods’ property. They quickly pointed out the location was within 300 feet of the county-owned Youman’s Bird Pond and accepted Mr. Wilkes’ proposal that is about 30 to 40 feet from three adjoining property owners, including mine.
I would also like to address County Administrator Joey Brown’s comment in which he stated the requirements for ordinance 12.4.5 were met when Skylink Properties agreed to lower the tower 25 feet. Lowering the tower does not satisfy the ordinance that states:

12.4.5 Setbacks and separation.
The following setbacks and separation requirements shall apply to all towers.
(a) Towers shall be set back a minimum distance equal to the height of the tower from its base to any public right-of-way or occupied structure, or property line of the lot or parcel containing the tower unless the owner of the adjoining property whose property is within said fall zone otherwise consents in writing.
The tower needs to be moved 275 feet from the three adjoining property lines in order to stay within the parameters of this ordinance which, if moved, conflicts with Wilkes’ property and a proposed subdivision to the west of his property. The county commissioners ignored the oversight of the LCPC and passed the proposal.
There is no doubt the public has the right to better communication. There is no need for this tower to be in a place where the majority of property owners oppose the location when there are proposed alternative sites away from residents that will give the same coverage.
In closing, we would like to thank County Commissioner Marion Stevens for trying his best to help the citizens of Colonel’s Island.

Richard Bew
Colonel’s Island
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