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Liberty's tourism boom really a bust
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Editor, There was a very interesting article in the Sunday, Jan. 28 Courier “Pride & Progress” section concerning tourism.
The head line stated that Liberty’s tourism industry is “booming.” That booming sound is in reality a “bust.”
The article begins with Liberty County offering activities from fishing and crabbing to water skiing and kayaking.
In fact the fishing, crabbing and water skiing are done mostly by residents of the county. Kayaking does bring in a few people to Melon Bluff. But, when you talk visitation, it is not an everyday affair. In winter you see very little.
I would like to know where the figures $66 million and $74 million in 2005 come from (interesting).
Moving on. True, the article listed the activities are located mostly in East Liberty County.
Sandy White’s statements were on the money saying our diversity is unusual.
It was stated that we have an escalation in tourism with 500 tourism jobs accounting for an $11 million payroll in 2005. I would like to know where these fantastic numbers come from.
The article relates that $2 million in local tax revenues were collected due to the industry.  What is meant by local? Is this Liberty County revenue?  I'm afraid not.
The article continues with glowing accounts of the tourism industry. But this part of the article does not indicate any money that comes into Liberty County!
Ms. White winds up the article with development on the east end having an impact on tourism, to which we can conclude: It will have no effect on east end tourism because there is none.

Lew Ewbank
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