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March 13 meeting to discuss neighborhood woes
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Editor, Recently, I got a letter dated Feb. 9 from Eugene and Silvia Turpin of Hinesville, although the envelope had and their Elaine Street address and one in El Paso, Texas. In the letter, the Turpins mentioned “our townhouse” on Elaine Street was burglarized on Feb. 7.
They also stated there have been other disturbing incidents in the neighborhood that affect the quality of life for all of us in close proximity to the area: Elaine, McDowell, Bacon and Washington streets.
Mr. Turpin wrote, and I’ve verified this, that he has scheduled a meeting with Hinesville Police Department Officer Williams of the neighborhood crime prevention office for March 13 at 3 p.m. at the traffic courtroom of the police station.
Instead of me walking the entire neighborhood with this letter to notify homeowners, especially of Sharon, Lesa, Elaine, Washington, McDowell and Bacon streets, I’ve asked the newspaper to publish it. I feel councilmembers, including David Anderson who lives on McDowell, and Mayor Jim Thomas should attend to discuss enforcing city ordinances on landlords, not renters, on codes such as junk cars on lawns, unkempt lawns and cars parked on yards.
From what I’ve observed, generally, homeowners take care of their properties. These violations, which occur on rental properties, affect the quality of life in a neighborhood. That can also affect criminal behavior.
Once again, I invite Councilman Anderson and Mayor Thomas and homeowners in the area to the meeting.

Joseph B. Stuart

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