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Mayor, council, come to my neighborhood
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Editor, I recently read the letter to the editor from Point South resident Carolyn Rebecca Smith Carter about being a solution to the problem, not a part of it.
She mentioned that a meeting regarding crime around Point South/Azalea Street was held with the mayor, Police Chief Stagmeier and City Administrator Billy Edwards in attendance. She talked about how a group of individuals were rude, inconsiderate and critical of her and the mayor to the point that the city leaders abruptly left the meeting.
Ms. Smith, over the years I served on the committee to address parking/inoperable cars in yards in Hinesville. I served as the first and only leader (nobody wanted the job) of our neighborhood crime watch, which has disbanded due to lack of participation (nobody wanted to take over). I have worked to clean up Georgina Court with the code enforcement department on getting the correct number of polycarts for residences and trying to get rid of pesky, inoperable cars in a yards with zero help  from my council member and Mayor Thomas, and the beat goes on.
Mayor Thomas once told me that due to a law, you can’t remove an inoperable car even though it violates the code I helped draft, but now he told me, yes, you can remove the car. I’m befuddled.
Mayor Thomas and Councilman Anderson, come to Georgina Court (more than twice), meet with homeowners, monitor and support Operation 365 and see some of the filth, including the homes of Marne soldiers on Sharon Street that are trashy and filthy.
Gen. Cucolo would never have that in his neighborhood, why mine?
P.S. Next time I speak to the council within my 10-minute allotment in a respectful manner, don’t slam down your gavel and cut me off, making me into a fool. It’s rude and inconsiderate.

— Joseph B. Stuart

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