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Military as new job corps
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Editor, Why is unemployment so high in the United States and Georgia and Liberty County, when the U.S. military is hurting for people?
For the military has good paying jobs, plus high-tech jobs. And I can’t believe we have a problem with all these unemployed people not being qualified to join the military. Could it be we have a lot of people who don’t want to work?
For I have a solution to all of this, and that is for the U.S. government to bring back the military draft for those unemployed people that can’t find jobs within six months.
For this would cut down on the rotation time on Fort Stewart’s 3rd ID to go back to Iraq and Afghanistan. And we would have more medical people at Winn Army Community Hospital to take care of all the active duty military and dependents and retired military.
You can call this the replacement for the New Deal’s Conservation Corps. For a private now makes over $1,300 or more with a high school diploma or GED and passing scores on military entrance exams and physicals, and no criminal record.

Robert Wetmore
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