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Nots from Hinesville's ghetto
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Editor, Living in Hinesville’s ghetto (Sharon, Lesa, Elaine streets bordering on Irene Thomas City Park) I have several notes to make. Recently I inspected the potholes and crumbling curbs on Sharon Street with my city councilmember.
I was told this condition was due to Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue and not spending the stimulus money. To my friends on the city council and county commission (if I have any), Gov. Perdue has a budget he must live within. He doesn’t have a printing press to borrow his way to “stimulate” the economy. Personally I believe in a variety of corporate, investor and personal tax cuts to grow to prosperity.
But if Gov. Perdue is blamed for the potholes, I would like someone (an elected official) to tell me who gets the credit for going to St. Simons to discuss “homelessness.” Why not stay in Liberty County, have the meetings here, then you can cut the property tax, which in turn gives property owners more money to spend, which in turn allows business to hire people which really fights homelessness.
In 1999/2000 President Clinton cut the federal capital gains tax from 29 percent to 20 percent, which resulted in millions of increased federal tax revenue, paying off the federal debt, lower the unemployment rate. I know it sounds too good, but generally cutting taxes leads to economic growth.

Joseph B. Stuart
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