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Opporunities for growth are exciting
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Editor, Change and growth, these are two words with much in common. As a pastor and a motivational speaker, these are two words I consistently tie together.
It is a simple fact: Growth without change is impossible. Change is the reason that some people do not want growth. I am writing these things because I am seeing something great occur in our city.
This past week was Georgia's "City Week." I observed some of the celebrations and events that took place. More importantly, I shared a meal with many of our city's governmental, business and educational leaders at a luncheon that was offered in joint cooperation with our city and chamber of commerce. I am really excited about the atmosphere that is being created among these people. Obviously, there are varying opinions of how our city should grow and even operate. There always will be.
However, there is a fresh sense of community that is being portrayed. People sat together and listened to the "state of the city" address from Mayor Thomas. They asked questions about our continued growth. But mostly, they came together with mutual respect for one another, united in their purpose to be a part of the changes that come with growth.
It was very encouraging and I was honored to be in the company of such people. In a time when our nation is facing difficulty and our economy is fluctuating, it is easy to view everything with a negative eye. It is easy to complain about everything that is wrong. It is easy to assume every change is a continuation of the problems that we face. In such times, it is truly refreshing to be among local leaders who choose to find a positive outlook on the life of our city -- to believe in its success and its growth. Ultimately, the success of the city means success for its citizens because the citizens are the city.
In life, success requires the maintenance of a positive outlook. This does not mean forsaking reality and ignoring problems. It means exchanging the word problem for the word opportunity. Further, it means recognizing that every opportunity carries with it the potential for greater growth. Are there problems in our city? Sure. Growth always produces growing pains. Growth always costs. Every time my kids grow, I have to go back to the clothing store. But I am always excited to see them grow. It is part of their success.
Yes, our city does have problems, but give me a city with such problems. That is a city posed and reaching for continual success. It is a wonderful thing to be a part of such a city.
Thank you to our mayor, city leaders, chamber of commerce, development teams and every business and individual who chooses to embrace the opportunity for growth in Hinesville.

Dr. Timothy Byler
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