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Parent shocked at uniform comment
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Editor, I am a parent with a child in the Liberty County school system. He is an honor roll student.
After reading Mr. Corrigan’s letter to the editor in Sunday’s Courier regarding school uniforms, I felt compelled to voice my opinion.
I could not believe someone living in a military town where uniforms are everywhere would actually say uniforms take away from a person’s individuality. I was even more shocked a school principal would agree.
Clothes do not make a person an individual any more than checks make you have money in the bank.
In this country and abroad, children have been wearing uniforms in private schools for decades.
Workplaces such as Gulfstream Aerospace, fast food restaurants, police departments and hospitals have people wearing uniforms every day and I am sure these people still feel like individuals and still maintain their individuality.
Individualism comes from within, not from what you wear. Keep in mind, uniforms are just clothes.
On any given day throughout the school year, without even realizing it, we all have sent our children to school dressed in khaki pants and a polo shirt. Come on.
Lets focus on more important things like the CRCT, not clothes.

Deborah Wynn
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