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Patron calls restaurant a sweatshop
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Editor, I am a patron of Church’s Chicken here in Hinesville.
I, along with many other patrons witness the hard work and dedication to duty of Church’s Chicken employees, working without air conditioning on Sunday at 2 p.m. It had to be at least 105 degrees in the patron area. It was even hotter in the cooking area. The air conditioning unit and circulation fan were not working and that was not the first time I have witnessed this.
Several weeks ago, on a Sunday, same time, I walked into Church’s Chicken and it was very hot inside. I asked the employees and manager could they open the front door and let some air in because it was very hot. They were told not to open the doors because the flies would get on the food.  
The manager and her three employees were in high spirits even after several customers asked them why and how do they work in such a hot sweatshop here in the United States. It seems like the customers were trying to bring their spirits down, but at the same time, they still were willing to wait on the cook to prepare their orders.
I think that we, as citizens and patrons, have a duty and responsibility to report any company that allows their employees to work in these conditions. Employees only have so much leverage and may fear losing their jobs if they make too many waves.
That’s why we need to support them in any way we can. I called the hotline number 866-345-6788 and spoke to a representative to file a complaint. She said she will send it forward. I would like some of Hinesville finest air conditioning technicians to pay a visit to Church’s Chicken and fix the problem and render a just cause report to the community and to Church’s Chicken corporate officials.

Tommy McCaskill
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