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Prom guidelines spoil seniors' last year
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Editor, The school board has made up guidelines for the senior prom. I know from experience when I was a senior one of the most important and exciting things in my last year was going to prom. I come now to see there are guidelines set up for the seniors and what they need to do in order to go to a special event they had worked so hard for, not to mention waited four years to enjoy.
When I went to prom, we could take any person we chose. There was an age requirement, but no other restrictions were applied.
Now you need to get a background check, which to me is an invasion of privacy.
I am so glad the school can apparently see into peoples’ bank accounts and put the burden on the parent or student to pay for it.
I have a son who is supposed to attend the prom this year with his girlfriend and he is in the Navy. Now, we come to the raffling of who can actually go to prom.
My son, who graduated from Bradwell last year, and now serves this country, has to wait and see if his name is pulled out of a hat. This is purely ridiculous. He only has a certain amount of leave days and I’m pretty sure he is not the only one with this problem and I am most definite I am not the only parent with this problem.
It’s no wonder students don’t give 100 percent anymore. They are not even appreciated when they do.
Juniors and seniors should not be sharing prom. It is so unfair how this is taking away from the seniors who have earned and deserve it. It’s like a slap in the face to them. Seniors should be able to celebrate their accomplishments by themselves, not with another class year.
When I had my senior prom, the freshman or sophomores hosted it but did not take part in it. And the people wonder why kids dread going to school more and more every year.
Did the seniors get a voice in this? It is their last year of their high school career; they are the ones who made it with their work, not us and not the school board. So why should the school board feel they have a right to take that away from them.

Kelly Gregg

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