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Protect coast from cell towers
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Editor, In the Coastal Courier’s July 22 edition, you ran a story about the proposed 300-foot, east-end tower on Lake Pamona Road on Colonel’s Island.
Your article mentioned that Colonel’s Island has the reputation of being one of Liberty County’s most scenic locations. I could not agree with you more. I have a home on Colonel’s Island and I can attest that it is too precious for the wildlife (many migrating birds) and the humans who appreciate its scenic beauty to be trashed with a tower that is too tall and could fall on a neighbor’s property.
Georgia’s coastline is being trampled by rampant development. I suppose that is progress for many people. But, I also believe that we must keep some of our coastal area free and scenic for our children’s sake. That is why I oppose this tower being located on such a pristine isle. Why can’t a cell tower go up in an industrial area where it would fit in (e.g. The Target warehouse).People who claim it is required for communications can use a land line phone and boaters can use a radio This island is too precious to be sullied like this.

Ken Barthels
Colonel’s Island
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