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Public service commission deemed 'typical'
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Editor, Public service commissioners are individually elected to office by the citizen voters of this state. The PSC is expected to represent and protect us from greedy, tyrannical, corporate, utility entities.
Our commissioners seem typical of stereotyped politicians that come to us before election day with their hat in hand, kiss and hug our babies, shake our hands, and seek our votes. They boldly promise to represent us, and protect us from corporate greed, corruption and financial tyranny.
Once commissioners have received our votes they forget their promise, oath of office, and then treat us worse than the proverbial “red-headed stepchild.”
Just a few months ago, the PSC approved Georgia Power Company’s request for a state increase allowing them to recoup their fuel costs.
We voters noticed that once the costs were recouped they failed to request the PSC to allow them to reduce their rates. The PSC has approved rate-increase request after rate-increase request. They then proclaim “it’s only an additional $5-a-month increase for the average utility customer.” How about multiplying that by 30?
I believe the PSC has betrayed the citizen voters of Georgia. I suggest the commissioners be recalled. Georgia colonists called this kind of representation tyranny. The tyrants were English then. Now days these tyrants are up the street or down the road. I ask this question. Who do you say the public service commission represents? Is it the citizen voters of Georgia —  or the utility companies?
In closing, I urge everyone reading this letter to contact the public service commission. Inform them of your displeasure regarding their performance, and urge them not to approve Georgia Power Company's request for a rate increase.
It’s  your money.

John Howard
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