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Put school uniforms to a vote of people
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Editor, I am also a parent and have had five kids go through the Liberty County School System, and currently have two grandchildren enrolled. What people forget is that when we went through school, and I hope most graduated, we did not wear uniforms and we turned out fine.
I have been promised a free and public education and by making me buy uniforms so my grandchildren can get a free education does not seem right.  
I could not disagree more with Ms. Wynn. If Ms. Wynn wants her children to attend a private school, that is her right. If the reason for the uniform is to prevent gang involvement, particularly gang activity in K-5 grades, it does not pass the common sense test. If the reason is discipline in the classroom, hold the students, teaches and parents accountable. If it is about truancy, enforce the current laws on the books.
To me, this is just a band-aid to the real problem; the Georgia education system is in dire trouble.
The Liberty County school board needs to be very careful of what else they do because the Supreme Court has stated that students do not give up their “constitutional rights” at the schoolhouse door (Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School, 1969). This is still the most current ruling.
If I have to put my grandchildren into uniforms, will the teachers and administrators be in the same uniform? They need to set the example. Will I get a tax deduction for the purchase of the uniforms.
I’ll tell you what would stop all of this arguing. Put it to a vote. Let our kids see democracy at work.

Robert Finnell
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