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Quote was irresponsible
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Editor, The shooting last week of a young man in Tapco Mobile Home Park was tragic.
Regardless of the man’s position in society, no one should be subjected to being shot and killed by one or more heartless, spineless thugs. In the end I am sure we will find out that was what happened. People who chose a thug’s life participated in the taking of another man’s life.
With that in mind, it is with utter contempt that another gutless wonder would stand in the same mobile home park and make a comment like, “Snitches get stitches” as was quoted in the article in the Coastal Courier about the incident.  Even more disturbing is the writer and editor’s willingness to print such garbage.
The paper will not accept a letter to the editor without knowing the name of the writer. They would never quote an unidentified source on an official matter without verifying the information, yet the paper gives credence to a no backbone indivdual who hides behind “remaining anonymous.”  This type of journalism fosters the mindset so blatantly displayed by the “anonymous person” that contributes to an ever growing violent society where honest citizens become afraid to assist law enforcement.
Every citizen and resident of that area who read the article quoting this spineless thug, now has reason to wonder if this was some type of payback for a citizen doing what is right. Will they be more reluctant to speak to law enforcement knowing that this or some other thug whose mindset is “snitches get stitches” may be close by and see the interaction?
I mourn for the family and friends of David Jones. I hope the persons responsible are quickly identified and dealt with.
And I certainly hope that the person who made the comment quoted in the article never becomes the vicitm of any type crime. If he does, hopefully his neighbors, friends, and family will not stand by and hide behind anonymity or refuse to become involved.

Charles Woodall
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