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Reader confident in LRMC staff, care
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Editor, I was rather amazed with certain assertions made by David Park in his recent letter to the editor. I am a nurse anesthetist who travels as a “locums” filling in for other anesthesia providers who are on vacation, military leave, etc.
After 25 years as an anesthetist, about eight of which I have spent in filling in for others, I believe I have pretty good judgment on the overall quality of a hospital.
On two occasions during the past three years, I have had the good fortune of helping Liberty Regional Medical Center in Hinesville. The facility is modern and squeaky-clean. The staff universally treats the patients with dignity, respect, and a “hometown” friendliness and compassion I don’t often see anymore. The surgery department has an excellent staff with two of the finest anesthetists I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
During my four-plus months there, I had occasion to interact with OB, X-ray, ER, general patient floors, lab, recovery and even physical therapy. Never did I see anything but the best in professional care rendered to their patients.
LRMC has been fortunate in attracting Dr. Weiss as a general surgeon; he is one of the kindest and most skilled surgeons I have met. The hospital also has an anesthesiologist in Dr. Pearson who is amazing in pain management. There are many, many other fine physicians there, and we are fortunate to have them available.
I regret Mr. Park doesn’t feel his wife’s outcome was optimum at Liberty Regional, but I strongly believe it was due to the disease process or accident, and not relative to the level of care provided.
I’m very glad Mr. Park found Wayne Memorial able to help his wife and I wish her the best. My confidence and trust will remain with “our” hospital. I live in Midway, and have personally been treated at LRMC twice in the last year. I will not hesitate to return should the need arise.

Tom Overman, CRNA, MS
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