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Reader responds to new columnist
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Editor,  Though I presently consider myself to be in a “no gloating” mode, I nevertheless feel compelled to articulate what many in the Democratic party intend to do with their newly won mid-term elections that crushed the so-called Republican revolution.
This was brought to critical mass after a recent confrontation out of the blue directed at me from a sore losing Republican who had some very nasty things to say about me, Dems, Nancy Pelosi and our commitment to our brave soldiers in uniform. The addled right winger claimed Democrats do not support our troops in Iraq. Au contraire, Republican Joe. One can support our troops without supporting the president. Trent Lott, the ousted Republican majority leader made the exact same statement while Bill Clinton was so deftly handling the Bosnia-Serb conflict with the Republicans nipping at his heels all along the way — done, I might add, with minimal loss of American lives.
It was a concept that was lost on this angry ill-informed Republican who preceded to berate this writer in public while I was standing in line at a local business awaiting service. If he is reading this he knows who he is. But the point is this:  Ms. Pelosi and the Dems DO have a plan, and we are presently in the process of picking one articulate presidential nominee to drive the point home.
Let me begin on what the mid-term elections stood for and what the Democrats have in mind to do to right the course the arrogant non-listening boy king and his administration continue to ignore.
Democrats want to:
1. Chart a sensible new course in Iraq and making our nation safer by implementing the recommendations of the bi-partisan 9/11 Commission. W. probably filed his copy of the 9/11 report in the trash can in order to pursue “his” war.
2. Break the “pay to play” link between lobbyists and legislation, and restoring responsibility with pay-as-you go federal spending.
3. Raise the minimum wage and repealing the tax giveaways that encourage corporations to send good jobs overseas.
4. Make healthcare affordable for all Americans, and fully fund stem cell research.
5. Expand access to college by cutting the student loan interest rates in half.
6. Achieve energy independence and ending the multibillion-dollar subsidies for Big Oil.
7. Guaranty a dignified retirement for America’s seniors by fighting any attempt to privatize Social Security.
There is some time left to try an undo or correct a lot of the damage caused by these deaf and dumb Republicans led by the word-challenged boy king.
We simply, as a nation, cannot continue on this tragic path that was inflicted upon the American populace by the boy king and his misguided loyal minions who cherry picked their incorrect intelligence prior to sending Americans to die in Iraq for all the wrong reasons
We may not accomplish everything we are planning but it sure as heck gives us all hope we can get out of this terribly ill-conceived Republican “plan” that is destroying our great nation by “staying the course.”
Jimmy Darsey
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