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Reinstating privileges would help hospital finances
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Editor, I would like to comment on David Park's letter published in the Jan. 23 edition of your paper regarding Dr. Glenn Carter and the Liberty County Hospital Authority.
The bottom line is that Dr. Carter is credentialed to practice medicine by the AMA, and his credentials are in good standing. At least two panels, one appointed by the hospital authority itself and a recent Liberty County grand jury, recommended reinstatement of Dr. Carter's privileges at LRMC. Neither recommendation was adopted.
The hospital authority refuses to allow a legally licensed physician to practice medicine (and increase revenue) at a taxpayer-supported hospital. Instead, the hospital authority wants to levy higher taxes to cover some of the red ink made more prolific by fewer doctors admitting patients to LRMC. I am told there are other physicians in this county who also do not treat their patients at LRMC. As long as local doctors do not admit patients, by prohibition or by choice, revenue will continue to flow out of the county and taxpayers will continue to pick up the slack.
Despite numerous requests from concerned citizens, the board of commissioners refused to intervene in Dr. Carter's case, stating that only legal action would allow the BOC to influence the decisions of the hospital authority. Apparently, that stance was not altogether accurate because recently, and commendably, the BOC restricted the millage increase granted to the hospital. Constraining the hospital's funding to minimum levels within the law may be the only way to get the hospital authority to set aside personality conflicts and do what its members are tasked to do - serve the public good.

Donnie Smith
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