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Savannah Tech saltues late administrator
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Editor, A life well lived.
Glenda Giddens, a longtime Savannah Technical College administrator passed away this week, leaving behind a legacy that touched many students and their families at the college’s Liberty Campus.
Glenda was the heart and soul of the campus for more than two decades — from the earliest days serving soldiers and their families on post, through the years when classes were offered in a cramped, ill-fitted strip mall to the beautiful new campus on Airport Road and the office in the Army Education Center on Fort Stewart.
Glenda’s top priority was always students — she nurtured and nudged them; challenged and chastised them; praised and prodded them — always with the understanding, love and patience that was required at the moment.
Though Miss Glenda will no longer be a friendly face welcoming visitors to our campus, her legacy lives on in the many graduates and students she served over the years. Yes, she will be missed, but she will always be remembered.

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