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Scared, alone and just heartbreaking
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Editor, Shame on you, dog dumper! Like a coward you drove your pet out to Davis Road and dumped your pet and carrier in a mosquito infested, wooded lot in between torrential downpours without even food or water.
What a vile thing you did this Friday, Sept. 12!
Did you not know that the mobile home park you dumped your dog near was a “NO PET” park? Did you not feel the hundreds of mosquitoes biting you when you threw your poor frightened family pet out?
When I saw the poor thing its nose and face were covered with mosquitoes. It broke my heart and enraged me, an animal owner myself. Had I not been waiting in line at the Exxon gas station for 20 minutes to fill up, I probably would never have taken that side dirt road and seen what a vile and cruel thing you did to your pet.
My husband first noticed the animal as we drove by and called my attention to it. I backed up and sure enough, there it was, shivering and cowering with its tail between its legs, staring back at me with sad, pleading eyes. As soon as I stopped, he/she tried to get in my truck. God knows that I have enough rescue animals and could not take on this one, too, so I called 911 and waited. The police officer that came out said there was nothing he could do and Animal Control did not work weekends.
Did you know that when you dumped your pet? No food, no water, carrier too small with holes all in it, alone and afraid in a strange place on a busy road. Just how long did you think that it would live?
All I could do was go home and get my camera and take it some food so that it would not die hungry. I am writing this letter to tell that dog’s story. I don’t even know what the animal’s name was but I took the picture and wanted people to know one dog’s sad and tragic story. I stayed up for hours worrying about that poor thing and I cried for the loss of innocence and trust and the ultimate betrayal for man’s best friend. Sleep won’t come easy tonight because of someone’s thoughtless, selfish, cruel act.
Sitting at this old computer composing this, I look down by my feet and see my two adorable chihuahuas sound asleep on their soft jumbo pillow beds, all nice and cozy and dry with fat little bellies and I am somewhat comforted that at least these two are indeed loved and lucky. Loud snoring from the living room lets me know my old boxer is happy and comfortable also. I wish all animals were so loved. If you are reading this and you have pets, give them just a few minutes of your time today to let them know that you love them despite the hurried rush of our hectic lives.

M. Goodrich

Editor’s note: The abandoned dog died over the weekend. For the story see the Pet Section of

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