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Shelter needs your votes
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Editor, The Liberty Humane Shelter in Hinesville won $10,000 from and currently is encouraging folks to sign up and vote so the shelter can win a $1 million makeover. Ours is the only shelter in Georgia to become one of 10 finalists.
There were people who thought the contest was a joke -- that we had as much chance of winning $1 million as we had of winning the lottery. Then the shelter made the top 20 cutoff and now the top 10. But we will not make the top three unless everyone supports the shelter and votes every day.  Right now, we are in eighth place. That’s not going to get us any more money. We need to move up. Don’t just say you support the shelter, do it.
The shelter has 2,215 affiliates listed on If every affiliate voted every day, we would have more than 22,000 votes a day, but we’re failing to do this. What is the problem?  It takes a maximum of 10 minutes a day to vote.
If every person who said they cared about animals walked through the shelter and saw the dogs sticking their noses out through the cages, whining and wiggling to be petted and to be taken home and loved, they would think differently about supporting the shelter. Those same dogs were standing on risers Monday, April 13, to get out of the 8 inches of standing water that flooded the kennels because of poor drainage.
I realize that prices are up and salaries aren’t going as far, but voting on doesn’t take any money -- just a tiny bit of time. With the economy as it is, the shelter faces financial concerns on a daily basis. People just cannot provide the support they used to, so this is the perfect way to help. Make your voice heard for the animals, make your votes count. Show your support by recruiting new voters, by voting 10 times every day until Sunday at midnight.
Help your neighbor register, help your mom register. is making it easy for our community to provide these abandoned, homeless animals with a new facility. All Zootoo asks is that our community supports the shelter. Will we fail them, or will we rise to the challenge and show that our shelter deserves it? Are we willing to support the shelter staff as they strive to make Liberty Humane Shelter the best it can be? I hope you choose to support Liberty Humane Shelter and help us win.

Amanda Cox
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